Our Menu

Fruits & Vegetables

Fresh Vegetables

Carrot sticks

English cucumber sticks

Celery sticks

Snap peas (Blanched, sea salt)

Asparagus tips (Blanched, sea salt, EVO)

Green beans (Blanched, sea salt)

Green beans (Honey glazed)

Broccoli florets (Blanched, sea salt)

Cauliflower (Blanched, sea salt)



Black beans w/ corn

Edamame (Blanched with sea salt)

Chickpea salad

Blackeyed peas salad

Baked beans

Gigante beans

Fresh Fruits


Mixed berries

( Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry)

Grapes (Red, Green)

Apples (Red, Green, Yellow)

Cleaned and sliced




Peaches (Seasonal)


Kiwi (Seasonal)

Pasta, Grains & Rice

Pasta Dishes

Ziti Alfredo

Bowtie Bolognese

Gnocchi with peas & ham

Alphabet pasta with Italian meatballs

Boscaiola (Bacon, mushroom, onion, cream/tomato sauce)

American Chop Suey

Mac n Cheese regular or with Hamburger

Stuffed shells

Ravioli (Cheese, Spinach, Beef)

Spaghetti and meatballs

Chicken Parm

Eggplant Parm

Veal Parm​​​​

Rice Dishes


Mediteranean Lemon chicken with rice pilaf

Herbed chicken with rice pilaf

Teriyaki chicken stirfry with jasmin rice

Chicken potstickers with jasmin rice

Moo Goo Gai Pan (asian stirfry chicken & jasmin rice)

Gen Gao’s chicken

Chicken and broccoli ( Oyster sauce ) jasmin rice

Spanish yellow rice & beans with Adobe chicken

Sandwiches & Wraps




Chicken fingers or nuggets ( In house - Fresh )


Hot Dogs

Salsbury steak

Mini Ham & Cheese calzone


French toast sticks

Beef stew

Wraps & Sandwiches


Ham & cheese

Turkey & cheese

Chicken Ceasar

Chicken & bean burrito

Chicken Quesadillas

Tuna salad

Chicken salad

Asian stirfry with chicken and jasmin rice

Chicken Mediterranean 

Steak & cheese

Chicken, eggplant or Meatball parm

Milk, Cheese & Yogurt


8 oz lowfat milk

Lowfat string cheese

Laughing Cow wedges

Baby bell rounds

Greek yogurt (with or without honey)

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